Norma-Jean Harvey Creations

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"The whole thing with creativity is there's something new out there. Why not give it a try?"
-Marc Davis

This quote from legendary Disney animator Marc Davis helps illustrate why I make animated films. The field of animation has such a wide range of techniques and styles that an animator can use. From traditional 2D pencil and paper to computer generated images, even experimental methods such as sand and paint on glass. I love trying out all the ways animation can be made and exploring different subjects that each method can help express.

Star Trek In Memoriam

Created in Adobe Premiere a celebration of all the people lost who helped create a work that has inspired me in my own life and works.


Completed in May 2016 for the Quickdraw Animation Lockdown. The theme was the beginning is the end is the beginning and the goal was to include loops in your animation.


Completed in the fall of 2015 an animation of Max Ehrmann's poem 'Desiderata'.


Completed in September 2015 a celebration of the Cabaret Voltaire.

Igor Takes a Walk

Completed on May 2015 for the Quickdraw Animation Lockdown. The theme was beyond the comfort zone. I choose to use stop-motion puppetry as a new medium for me.

Hand Me Downs

Completed on May 3 2015. An entry for the Big Eddies Short Film Festival where the goal was to explore the theme of tradition.

Dude That's Insane

Completed in October 2014. This is a 20 second animation that was part of a collaboration with other animators as a tribute to Chris Reimer.

Experimental Animation

Completed in May 2014. This film is a compilation of eight different animation techniques learned over a twelve week animation class.

Creativity is for the Birds

Completed in May 2014 for the Quickdraw Animation Lockdown

The Animator's Way

Completed in December 2013. A student film using the computer animation program Toonboom.

Boom Town

Completed in May 2013 for the Quickdraw Animation Lockdown.

The Box

Completed in July 2012 my first 2D animated film.

School House Rok

Completed in May 2012 for the Quickdraw Animation Lockdown, the theme was retro shows.